Happy Oscar!


I’ve missed the first half-hour of the Oscars and realized I forgot to post a bit of news! Deadline recently reported Jodie Foster mailed DVD screeners of The Beaver along with a personal letter to every member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences.

Summit did not include The Beaver in their Oscar campaign, but Jodie told Deadline’s Pete Hammond, “It’s their purview. I have to say I do love these guys and I have had a great experience with them, and if anything I have an even fonder feeling for them because we went through World War II together. We were in the trenches together and they were really amazing.”

Jodie’s dedication and passion for her work and co-stars is admirable. She seizes to amaze me. I wish it were distributed and considered – even if no nomination came of it. That chance for all the actors involved would have been great.

Do you think the film had Oscar-nom potential? Who do you hope wins an award tonight? Any disappointments? I might tune in… nevermind, Aladdin is on.

Source: Deadline / Letter