Gallery Update: Mel and Lucia at Church


Thanks to TMZ, we have photos of Mel and Lucia enjoying a nice Sunday afternoon. I’ve uploaded the photos to the gallery.

Ever since the candids reached the Internet, everyone’s been swooning over how adorable she is and what a “hands-on” dad Mel is (DUH!). Good work Team Mel.

  • misssahara

    Счастливые дети бывают только у заботливых и красивых отцов! Only caring and handsome fathers have reall happy children! Got bless You both!

  • Elise

    Oooorrrr how beautiful are those shots.

  • emma

    Awww! She is so gorgeous! Beautiful smile…and as for the media – well of course he is a good Dad! He’s had seven other kids to practise parenting skills with, and they all seem pretty close to him. Why should that be a surprise?

  • andreea

    my heart is melted….the baby is so sweet!!! look at her eyes….and her smile! and he’s a cute father! i love them…God bless you, Mel, and your wonderful daughter!!! lots of kisses